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Coastal Master Plan


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Gov. John Bel Edwards is trying to make Louisiana’s vanishing coast a national priority. He officially declared the erosion of the state’s coastline an emergency Thursday (April 20) and plans to send Proclamation Number 43 JBE 2017 to President Donald…

April 24, 2017

Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards signed an emergency proclamation declaring the Louisiana Coast in a state of crisis and emergency. The emergency proclamation will be sent to President Donald Trump and members of Congress as a necessary means of raising…

April 19, 2017

In Louisiana we understand that coastal land loss significantly impacts our economy in addition to the environmental, cultural, and human toll it takes. The state of Louisiana has created an aggressive, 50-year, $50 billion Coastal Master Plan outlining a suite…

April 18, 2017

As CPRA advances the Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion and other priority projects toward construction, Restore the Mississippi River Delta staff experts will aim to give you updates on key steps of the process.

April 6, 2017

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