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Coastal Master Plan

Quarterly Progress Report

The quarterly progress report for the first quarter is now available to download online. (PDF 5.4 MB)

QPR Apr 2015

In the News

The ravages of Hurricane Rita coming so quickly after the horrors of Katrina proved to be an eye-opening moment for the nation and for people in positions of authority. Finally, the world saw the consequences of the coastal degradation we…

September 30, 2015

Today, Sept. 29, the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council posted for public and tribal comment and review proposed regulation to implement the “Spill Impact” component of the trust fund issuing from the RESTORE Act. The regulation will establish the formula…

September 29, 2015

The Gulf Coast Restoration Council is charged with figuring out how best to spend an $800 million settlement from drilling company Transocean Deepwater, the amount paid out for its part in the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the…

September 29, 2015

A tentative list of projects that would be funded by $7.2 billion in BP oil spill fine and settlement money, including wetland-building sediment diversions from the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers, marsh creation projects using sediment moved by pipeline from rivers…

August 19, 2015

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